Carrying out maintenance on equipment downstream from cooling water intakes is essential for reliable operation of the intake system. Stopgates isolate flow streams, thereby ensuring safe and dry access for routine maintenance or inspections. Automatic sensing probes prevent premature unlatching of the lifting beam and integral equalizing valves allow water levels to be balanced as part of the lift sequence. Ovivo's flexible design makes our stopgates suitable for any application.
Brackett Green® StopGateTM Modules
Brackett Green® StopGatesTM modules are typically installed at the bottom of an intake channel, attached to either the apron wall or stacked on top of other modules so the gate extends above deck level. Anchor plate guides are embedded into the concrete and a purpose-designed lifting beam is provided for raising or lowering the gate modules. Each steel gate has neoprene edge seals and is coated with a corrosion protection barrier, suitable for seawater intakes.