Water is a key raw material for the Semiconductor Industry! Ovivo’s knowledge of the processes and requirements for semiconductor manufacturing makes us the partner of choice for your total water management solutions in the fabrication of any devices such as Raw Silicon Wafers, Microprocessors, Digital Mem. chips, FPD and TFT. Ovivo’s technologies remove impurities at the limits of detection, and allow for the reclamation of wastewater for cost optimization and minimal environmental impact.
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Make Ovivo your single source for water management on your next:

  • Ultrapure Water (UPW) Treatment Plant
  • Distribution Loops
  • Semiconductor Wastewater Reuse, Reclaim and Recycle Plant
  • Semiconductor Wastewater Treatment Plant


Beginning with an analysis of our clients’ specific manufacturing conditions, Ovivo designs and supplies customized water treatment solutions that meet the exceptionally high standards of the semiconductor industry.

We integrate each step – from project identification through construction and commissioning. We also offer total solutions that encompass operator training, client services, and system operation and maintenance that is governed by client-specific service contracts.


Numerous references combined with our impressive list of installed facilities guarantees excellence and reliability supported by experienced employees.

Our worldwide Semiconductor team, located in Europe (Switzerland, France, Germany and Holland), Asia (Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan) and the US (Malta-NY, Plano-TX, and Vancouver-WA) has been set up to span bridges between our offices and our customers.




The above table shows the various technologies used to provide you with the most optimized and reliable solutions for your ultrapure water / wastewater / reclamation treatment plant.



As a member of the ITRS what are we attending to achieve ?
  • To always be on top of the latest technological developments in the semiconductor industry and position our products and services in order to meet these changing requirements.
  • Participation in ITRS is not limited to ultrapure water and its effluents, our membership also helps us understand how and why the roadmap is changing and its impact on wafer fab facilities.

As a member of the F450C what are we attending to achieve?

  • To understand the technological developments and constraints related to the 450 mm transition and to actively participate in correct utility sizing for the new 450 mm tools, avoiding misallocation of resources.
  • To help the consortium achieve the most efficient water treatment processes with an eye on sustainability and environmental impact for this next technology node.
  • Contribute to the global effort in designing facilities supporting the development of the next-generation 450 mm computer chips.
  • Timely development of new treatment processes that cater to latest requirements associated with the 450 mm transition.

What do you want to achieve with UPW Next ?

  • Develop innovative treatment processes that provide benefits to our customers by reducing capital and operating cost, protect the environment by reducing utility consumption and waste creation, improve point-of-use quality and shorten the timeframe for implementation of plant and equipment.
  • UPW Next will continue to focus on improving safety and reliability of our products and systems.

Ovivo is a member of the select F450C club, developing the next silicon wafer generation, 450mm computer chip fabs. A pledge to our market leadership!



Ovivo is also a member of the ITRS (UPW Section) (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors), an organization ensuring cost-effective advancements in the performance of integrated circuits and the advanced product and applications employing such devices.




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