Our Mission

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Looking to the near future, simply treating water is not going to be enough. Treating water may not be a sustainable practice as it may imply that vast amounts of other resources, such as energy, are used in the process.

Derived from our tagline: ‘Worldwide Experts in Water Treatment‘, Ovivo’s mission is to:

provide our customers with the best end to end solutions to treat and recycle water at the lowest energy cost”.

The innovation, commitment and experience Ovivo brings to the water and wastewater community is what makes us the Worldwide Experts in Water Treatment. Our tagline also reflects our higher purpose: to guide the future of the water treatment industry while helping the true value of water be understood in everyday life. Ovivo understands making the best use of water is both a moral and an economic imperative! Our mission statement implies we go extra steps to make sure we answer our customer’s needs in a sustainable manner, taking into account short term constraints and delivering solutions that will stand the test of time. Make Ovivo your water and wastewater partner of choice!