Electro Deionization (EDI)

For the demineralization of low ion content water, the Electro Deionization (EDI) is the ideal solution. It is based on modern technologies and produces highly purified water by electrochemical demineralization without the use of chemicals for regeneration. Ovivo uses exclusively SEPTRON® modules for its electronics applications, and is therefore providing a highly ecological form of water treatment.

SEPTRON® is a spiral-wounded EDI module. The electric field applied to this module transports the ions in the incoming water through the ion-exchange membranes into the concentrate chamber, from where they are flushed out of the module. The energy applied to the module dissociates the water into hydrogen and hydroxide ions which continuously regenerate the ion-exchange resin in the main chamber without the use of chemicals. The system produces a water quality in the product stream of up to 0.055 μS/cm (18 MΩ*cm) at 25°C.

The semiconductor industry has extremely high requirements for the quality of highly purified water. These are fulfilled by combining Electro Deionization (EDI) technology with other system components. High separation rates (>98%) for boron, SiO2 and CO2 achieved by EDI treatment offers this industry further advantage over traditional process technologies:

  • 95% reduction in the amount of chemicals used  
  • 90% reduction in water consumption  
  • Extended life time of cost intensive nuclear grade polishing resins

UPW_EDI_Schnitt Frei

SEPTRON (EDI) schematic

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