Brackett Green® Static Screen

Brackett Green® static screens are used in a variety of applications and industries due to their simple, yet efficient design. The framed wire mesh structure includes a debris pan on the lower cross member. Mesh size, screen size and construction material is customized to meet specific plant criteria. The screens can be temporarily lowered into a channel to continue screening while upstream screens are being cleaned or they can become permanent fixtures for existing or new plants.
  • Ideal for new plant designs or upgrades to existing sites
  • Perfect for cooling tower basins
  • Variety of sizes and materials available
  • Custom designed for each site

The static screen is used in a variety of applications, including circulating cooling water and cooling tower blow down for power, chemical and petroleum plants. The static screen’s simple design makes it an ideal choice for upgrading existing schemes by using bolt-on guides, or for new plant designs using embedded guides.

  • Simple and efficient design
  • Inexpensive solution
  • Protects downstream equipment
  • Easy upgrade for your cooling tower

Mesh sizes range from 5mm to 15mm square openings, and are usually electro-galvanized, 304 or 316 stainless steel. Frames are available in either epoxy coated carbon steel, 304L, or 316L stainless steel. Other materials can be provided on request.

Static screens are available in widths ranging from 1m to 5m and are custom designed for each site. Screen heights vary with each installation: they can extend to deck level, or can be used in conjunction with a lifting beam to automatically engage and disengage from the screen during raising and lowering operations.

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