Brackett Green® StopGateTM Modules

Brackett Green® StopGates™ modules are typically installed at the bottom of an intake channel, attached to either the apron wall or stacked on top of other modules so the gate extends above deck level. Anchor plate guides are embedded into the concrete and a purpose-designed lifting beam is provided for raising or lowering the gate modules. Each steel gate has neoprene edge seals and is coated with a corrosion protection barrier, suitable for seawater intakes.
  • The sealing arrangement is suitable for either single or dual direction sealing, with an on-seating head
  • Allows for safe and easy plant maintenance
  • Equalizing valves allow for easy removal of StopGate™ modules

StopGate™ modules are normally designed for installation at the bottom of an intake channel with a civil works apron wall extending up from the top of the opening to deck level. However, the modular construction of the gates also makes it possible to locate one module above the other so that it extends above the highest water level. This arrangement removes the need for a concrete apron wall.

Optional side guidance rollers can be installed to the StopGate™ module, which assist in the smooth location of each piece of the gate assembly into the guides and the correct alignment of the seals on the sealing face.

StopGate™ modules are generally designed for installation in still water conditions, although alternative designs incorporating heavy-duty rollers on the edges of the gates are available for applications where the gates have to be positioned during flow conditions.

  • Careful planning of a multi-screen installation minimizes the number of gates required. Care should be taken to standardize StopGate™ module sizes wherever possible to enable a minimum unit number for use at various locations on the installation.
  • Flexible designs suit particular applications
  • Durable materials protect against corrosion
  • Vertical storage simplifies handling

Each StopGate™ module is fitted with neoprene edge seals. The modular, welded carbon steel gate is coated with an epoxy paint finish, making it suitable for the inclusion of sacrificial anodes to provide a corrosion protective barrier in seawater applications.

StopGate modules have equalizing valves that permit the isolated chamber to be flooded prior to gate removal. After engagement of the lifting beam, the initial lift opens the valves without raising the gate and allows water to pass through each module to equalize the pressure on both sides. When equalization is achieved, the gate can be removed. A unique cill sensing device is incorporated to prevent accidental release of the lifting beam in the event of modules jamming in the guides while being lowered.


Anchor plates are provided for building into the first stage concrete.

Lifting Beam

We provide a customized lifting beam and optional sling for raising and lowering the gate modules. The ends of the lifting beam have guide blocks that fit into the guides and align the beam with the StopGate lifting points.

Storage Rack

When the gates are not in use, it is advisable to store them vertically. This simplifies handling and minimizes the risk of seal damage. Various storage rack or storage pit options are available.

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