Ovivo® Reactor ClarifierTM Solids Contact Clarifiers

The Ovivo® Reactor Clarifier™ Solids Contact Clarifiers are high rate vertical flow units combining chemical mixing, flocculation, coagulation settling and clarification in a single circular tank. Applications may include: lime softening, color removal and turbidity removal in drinking water treatment. Ovivo also has an extensive knowledge and experience in the application of this technology to Oil and Gas and other industrial markets.
  • Solids contact and flocculating clarifier for water and wastewater treatment
  • Slow moving turbine minimizing floc shear
  • High efficiency turbine for reduced energy input and optimized chemical usage
  • Large diameter turbine producing high internal recycling rates
  • Column or Bridge supported

Combined in a single tank reactor clarifier solids contact units are designed and built to provide the most economical solution to precipitation and clarification requirements. The simple design provides for coagulation, flocculation, solids recirculation and positive sludge removal in a single basin. This eliminates the need for multiple tanks and additional pipework. All units are backed by over 60 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, ensuring the best fit for unique plant requirements.

  • Trouble free installation
  • Long lasting durable design
  • Dependable drive unit that offers low operation and maintenance
  • Aftermarket support and customer service
  • Over 10,000 clarifier installations
  • Over 75 years of industry experience
  • Dependable drive units

Treatment chemicals are injected into raw water which is pumped into the clarifier’s center mixing well. There it is contacted and mixed with recycled chemicals and solids pumped from the sludge blanket by a recirculation pump. In a larger flocculation well, chemical reactions in the coagulated water form insoluble floc particles. These increase in size as they contact and adhere to one another. As the flocculation process continues, the particles grow heavy and sink toward the bottom of the clarifier forming a sludge blanket; the sinking floc will capture impurities in the raw water. Some of this sludge is re-circulated to act as an aid for future flocculation processes and to reduce the consumption of new treatment chemicals. Clarified water rises to the surface outside the flocculation well and is transferred to the filter feed.

The flocculation well detains the flow to allow chemical reactions to mature before dispersing the mass along the clarifier floor below the well. It also provides the barrier between the downward flow of floc-laden water and the upward flow of clarified water. 

The precipitated sludge settles to the tank bottom. A mechanical scraper at the bottom of the unit moves the sludge toward the sludge hopper and prevents the formation of shoals on the tank bottom. Surplus sludge is removed by opening the sludge blow-down valve, just outside the clarifier tank. Sludge removal reduces the risk of septic sludge.

What life expectancy can I expect from the clarfier drive?

Ovivo's clarifier drive typically last more than 30 years. We have even seen some clarifiers running with drives that were more than 35 years old!

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