Online THM-Analyzer

Ovivo is innovating in introducing a brand new online Ovivo THM-Analyzer (THM=Trihalomethanes). This new Product is unique in the worldwide market as it is the first online analyzer able to give measurements at real time in Potable, Wastewater, Process and High Purity Water with the aim to control THM removal processes or water disinfection processes.

Why controlling the THM level?

Trihalomethanes (THMs) are among typical disinfection by-products (DBPs) which are generated by chlorination of water containing organic matter as typically present in potable or surface water. THMs are known for being carcinogenic at certain concentrations and their removal through adequate processes is often required, not only for use as drinking water but also for wastewater, process- or high purity water in certain industrial applications.

This latest THM Analyzer with very low and accurate detection limits (< 1 ppb) for each component (4) of the THM family allows a well-controlled process and/or water quality monitoring at nearly real time behavior (several measurements/hour are possible)


System description

The OVIVO THM Analyzer consists of a process gas chromatograph (GC) with TID (Thermal Ionization Detector) and PID (Photo Ionization Detector) detectors connected to an industrial computer equipped with analytical software for the evaluation and documentation of the measurements.


System key features:

  • No reagent required
  • Low maintenance (1x a year)
  • One calibration per month
  • 2-4 measurements /hour
  • Up to 4 channels incl. for grab sample
  • Each component of THMs detected, quantified and recorded
  • Minimum utilities needed: Compressed air and power.
  • Low cost of ownership

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