Process/Wastewater Treatment

Ovivo uses a variety of technologies which produce effluent of such high quality that it can be discharged into coastal waterways or used for secondary irrigation in urban centers, without the need for additional processing. The equipment has a small footprint, which is essential for operations with time and space constraints, while adhering to industry standards.


Sedimentation has been the mainstay process for solid-liquid separation in the wastewater industry since its inception.


Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) utilize fine air bubbles to float suspended solids and oils to the water's surface for removal.


After wastewater treatment, the remaining sludge contains a very high in water content that needs to be removed using sludge dewatering.


Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) is an aerobic biological wastewater treatment process combining the benefits of activated sludge and conventional biofilm processes


MBR Systems offer complete wastewater treatment and produce a high quality effluent in a compact package.

Reactor Clarifier

Ovivo solids contact clarifiers combine mixing, flocculation, coagulation, settling and clarification into a single clarification/sedimentation unit.


When wastewater is treated, sludge is produced. Thickening increases the solids content of sludge to be disposed of.