Petrochemicals are valuable products, the production of which demands efficiency; and that efficiency is tied to the production, processing and use of water. Whatever your need, wherever you are based, Ovivo has the solutions to ensure that your company makes the most cost-effective use of the water resources you employ. Ovivo aims to help you maximize your output, meet the regulatory requirements of your local sites and minimize your environmental impact.

Product Groups

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Automatic backflushing strainers are continuous filters that capture solids from process streams.
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Debris filters intercept and remove particles, fibrous matter and other solids not captured upstream, preventing them to enter heat exchangers or condensers.
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Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems eliminate micro-fouling and scaling in heat exchanger and condenser increasing reliabilty, performance, plant output and life.
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Media Filtration is a well proven, reliable technology used for the removal of finer suspended solids.
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Ultrafiltration is a process where fine particles can be separated from a liquid stream using a semi-permeable membrane.