Brackett Green® Debris Filters

Most power plants employ extensive pre-screening at cooling water intakes. Despite this, additional filtration may be required at locations where the cooling water is loaded with heavy debris and marine life. Brackett Green® debris filters provide a vital line of defense related to common problems found downstream of pumps, and prevents such debris from entering into the heat exchanger or condenser by efficiently intercepting and removing coarse particles, fibrous material, mussels and clams.
  • Suitable for high flows and a variety of filtration sizes
  • Compact design is ideal for new installations or retrofit
  • External drive mechanism with easy access to seals and gearbox
  • Low pressure drop
  • Designed to handle high debris loading and continuous operation
  • Can be operated either upstream (negative operating pressure) or downstream (positive operating pressure) of the intake pump
  • Can be manufactured to ASME, Nuclear and Power and Petrochemical Industry codes and standards

Debris buildup in heat exchangers and condenser tubes is an ongoing issue for many plants. Equipment becomes less efficient, causing pressure drops and ineffective temperature control that result in high energy consumption and insufficient cooling. Brackett Green® debris filters prevent macro fouling of heat exchangers and condensers, lengthen equipment life and eliminate an array of potential performance problems for minimal cost.

  • Custom design reduces installation costs
  • High quality engineering can tackle the most demanding applications
  • Maximum debris removal with minimal water discharge
  • Brackett Green® debris filters increase equipment life by reducing damage from pitting, corrosion and erosion
  • Increases overall plant efficiency by using less energy with better temperature control
  • Supplied with an external drive mechanism, which allows for easy gearbox access
  • Lower operating pressure drop across the debris filter
  • Highly reliable, reduces maintenance requirements
  • Design models anticipate field performance
  • Ovivo’s experience in debris filter applications across a wide range of industries

The Brackett Green® custom-designed debris filters continuously and automatically remove suspended solids from cooling water that might otherwise clog the heat exchanger and condenser tubes.

  1. Inlet water enters the Brackett Green debris filter screening element. Various types of debris (including coarse and fibrous debris) are collected over the filter screening element. Screen elements are available in a variety of shapes and sizes (round, slot or square).
  2. A uniquely engineered rotor with several suction components is housed within the filter. The rotor is designed for high volume debris removal of all types and sizes, with the minimum of cooling water discharged as waste. The rotor is operated by an electric motor.
  3. As debris accumulates, differential pressure across the screen is monitored. If the pressure drops below normal, the rotor begins to rotate while debris discharge is opened to a lower pressure discharge point. Since the pressure inside the debris filter housing is higher than at the debris discharge point, the pressure on the clean side of the element will push debris into the rotor evacuation chamber while the rotor is turning. Debris is vacuumed off the filter element.
  4. Once the filter element is cleaned, the rotor will stop and the debris discharge valve will close.