Raw Water Intake

Surface water is used for broad purposes such as for municipal drinking water, or industries for make-up and cooling (Desalination, Energy, Land Drainage, Irrigation, Hydropower, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical). Ovivo's passive and mechanically cleaned screens and fish protection equipment are designed to meet the challenges for the design of suitable intakes. Ovivo performance enhancing equipment is also available for downstream, finer filtration and on-line removal of scaling and fouling material.

Band Screen

In industrial applications, band screens are typical equipment relied upon to accomodate flows from 500-5000 l/sec and screening in the range of 2 to 10mm.

Coarse Screen

Coarse screen systems are designed for a variety of applications. Various bar screen configurations and cleaning mechanims are available.

Drum Screen

Ovivo drum screens are suitable for a variety of applications from raw sewage to ultra fine screening of water and wastewater membrane treatment systems.

Fish Guidance System

Fish guidance systems radically reduce the amount of fish caught in water intakes, improving plant efficiency and minimizing the environmenatl impact of plants.

Fish Handling Screen

To reduce environmental impacts of water withdrawal on new/existing intakes, Ovivo has developed the only approved recovery/return fish system that meets BAT.